The year 2019 is steadily heading towards its end , and though it is always ‘just another year’ but I always look at it as a beginning of new and awesome things. I have resolved to make my year a little more organised and hence planners are the way to go!

The market is filled with a lot of planners. A few are funky, a few practical and others are actually both!

Lets have a look at the ones here –

  1. Alicia Souza – 2020 The Ultimate Planner Diary| Free Pocket Planner & Planner Box

This planner has all the quirks and all the practicality. There is a letter from you to you, bookmarks, to-do lists, goal trackers, meal planners for every week. And, it also comes with a box!

There are stickers, pen holder and bookmark too!

2. The Happy Wagon Planner Diary 

The cover is laminated and it has all the essential sections like monthly and weakly planners with budget and goal trackers. It is nominally priced as well.

3. The Ink Bucket – 2020 Beach Stripes Planner Diary 

The cover is classy, colourful and trendy! And, the diary is totally functional. It has everything you need to make your life organised, but not boring

4. Here Comes the Sun 17-Month Personal Planner 2020 (Pipsticks+workman) Calendar 

It comes with everything you want: stickers, monthly review, weekly review, front and back flaps (to hold documents and such) with good paper quality. Each month has a different colour scheme which is quite cute and the layout of the week is perfect. There are fun challenges and questions inserted randomly that make the planner fun!

5. Life- hacking planner by youtuber Saloni Srivastava

This is definitely a practical planner, with the plant theme. This youtuber makes amazing videos about time management and quick lunch fixes, etc. This planner designed by her is something you can definitely choose to make your life organised in the coming year.


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