My due date was 10th January 2019. As per the advises of friends around, pretty much since the beginning of my third trimester I had started shopping for the big day. I am not an easy shopper. I am an impulse buyer but that does not hold true for things that I actually need.
I will check reviews, ask friends, make checklists , compare brands and visit several stores to finally lay my hands on one thing. Though, I will ultimately order online. But, the pre-ordering ordeal is a deal!

Baby’s shopping was in full swing and then we had our 37 week appointment when my doctor asked me if my hospital bag was ready. And I gave her a blank look.
For which she said “Anytime now, Nikita.. You need to be ready”……. Oh boy!!! Time for this pregnant and tired mom-to-be to gear up!

The moment I sat in the car to return from that appointment, I started my hospital bag research. And here is the list. I have shared it with quite a few of my friends and now I am putting it out there for all the sleep-deprived, perpetually hungry, frequently micturating and out of breath pregnant ladies!

Maternity Hospital bag checklist


  1. Diaper Bag –
  2. Diapers –
  3. Clothing – Onesies, Pyjama sets
  4. Warm clothes – socks, mittens, caps, sweater –
  5. Swaddle cloth, Old dupatta –
    ( I got a set from Aden+Anais from U.S. and its amazing!)
  6. Blanket – local store
  7. Water wipes –
  8. Feeding bottle ( We got comotomo bottle from U.S. ) –
  9. Quick dry sheet –
  10. Hand sanitiser –
  11. Baby towel & toiletries, nail scissors – ,
  12. Infant car seat – ( We did not use the car seat going back home with baby Ahaan, but that is not advisable) ( stroller with infant car seat) OR ( convertible car seat for use across age groups)


  1. Sanitary pads / adult diapers
    I started with adult diapers, then used new mom maxi pads, and finally mothercare sanitary pads
    Take your pick but better to buy cotton pads as they are not harmful for the sensitive skin.
    Adult diapers –
    New mom maxi pads –
    Mothercare pads –
  2. Large cotton panties – your regular brand, but a larger size
  3. Nursing bras
    I really like H&M and Triumph but they are expensive –

    Other affordable options –

    Initially better to get them from the store and a larger cup size
  4. Breast pads – (I did not need them in the hospital)
  5. Any regular Medicines
  6. Nipple cream –
  7. Two/three pyjama sets – ,
  8. Two night gowns (front open) – stitched by my masi with a lot of love
  9. One coming home dress
  10. Comb, face wash, lotion, lip balm, lenses (You wanna look good!)
  11. Socks, scarf/cap, jacket/shawl
  12. Feeding cover- (Never used it in the hospital)
  13. Hand towel / bath towel
  14. Toothbrush & paste 
  15. Charger & earphones
  16. Thermos –
    After all the labour screams, it felt good to have warm water.
  • Have a set of husband’s clothes and essentials packed as well, if he is staying with you in the hospital.
  • If you have an elder child, make sure to pack things to keep them occupied too.

(As my hospital was quite close by, things I kept for later)

– kettle or flask & straw
– feeding pillow –
– breast pump, nipple puller, nipple shield, bottle steriliser (latching issues) ,
– gifts for nurses
They genuinely bear with you a lot and also solely responsible for your post-delivery care.

Make sure to check what is the hospital providing. If you are quite particular about what is used on the baby and you want to carry your own things anyway, then so be it.

Hope this list helps a few more people than it already has. Do comment if I missed anything or you have any questions and share it with your expecting mother friends. I am sure they will thank you for it!

In case you want to read my birthing story, here it is –

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