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Here you’ll find a collection of some of our favorite pieces. We love the versatility of these pieces; the stacking bowls can be a castle, the balance beam can be a bridge.

Stay healthy !

Montessori from start

This is a well-researched list of products I would have used with A, had I known about it!

Montessori toddler

Eager to raise a curious and independent human being, I turned to the Montessori method and these are the products I trusted.

Montessori Math

Math is such an abstract thing, when you think of it as a child. Montessori tries to move it from concrete to abstarct.

Open ended/ Pretend play

Let the imagination flow.

Meal times

A loves to eat. Our meal times are happy and these are some of the things we used and I recommend.

Kids room

Lets make the little one’s room cute and practical at the same time.

Infant books ( 0 – 1 years)

Old school cultural traditional games that I want to pass on to Kannamma.

Gross motor activitys

Exercsing those gross motor muscles helps in gaining strength, maintaining balance and developing co-ordination.

Diapering & Toilet learning

Being a cloth diapering mama, these are my favourite recommendations.

Art attack

Art is therapeutic and so engaging. Have a look at our favourites

Puzzles (Infant to toddler)

Puzzle progression begins from the interlocking discs to big jigsaws. I have listed them all here.

Toddler books ( 1 – 3 years)

The age of language explosion is here! I have curated the books I believe would be perfect for this time.

Toddler toys

There is a rapid change in the child in this phase. There can be so much you can offer to engage them costructively, help them develop the necessay skills and knowledge.

Toys ( 0 – 6 months)

The best kind of products to help in developing vision and encouraging movement, apt for this age.

Toys ( 6 – 12 months)

What a fun age, when they start navigating around, trying to talk and when those little hands are ready to manipulate things better.

Travel made easy

Traveling with A has been super smooth. I owe it to a lot of travel friendly things we own. Lets not shy away from travelling with kids. Babywearing to handy snacks, this list has it all.

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